Sunday, May 30, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Free Choice Cake


Apple-Cinnamon-Crumb Coffee Cake

My wife kept asking me to make this coffee cake.  I decided to make one for our downstairs neighbor as well. I could not help but feel moved for them. Our neighbors just had a baby girl after a whole gaggle of only boys (yes, they do sound like a heard of elephants at times.) This just after her mother passed away. She named the baby after her mother. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to make two! :)

Mis en place:

The "Ez Man" was with me for moral support.

O.K. So here is the scene. It's Friday afternoon. 3 hours till the onset of the Sabbath (candle-lighting at sunset.) I have two coffee cakes and one batch of challahs to make. Once candle time hits, the toaster I can no longer use electricity, cook or bake (and was not about to leave my toaster on for the next 24 hours.) It was a made dash to make it, take pictures and take care of the kids as well (as well as some other odds and ends.) You know, standard Friday stuff. ;)

I do not have a 2 1/2 inch so I tried to hike it up a bit.

Crumb topping dry ingredients.

Apples and lemon juice.

Crumb topping with the butter and such.

Egg mixture.

Lovely textured batter. Funny how it reminds me of the north poler ice cap on the red planet.

Here it is, however it was not without incident. After putting on the cinnamon in the middle of the batter I forgot to put the apples! I howled and jumped in frustration as I tried to take the batter off the top of the cinnamon while ignoring the wife's sarcastic comments. I finally got some semblance of order with the surrounding baking paper being the only real casualty. Even though I doubled the recipe both cakes did not really go up too high. The one below is the highest of the two.

I am not really sure of the point of preparing these guys and it all sort of glommed together as I poured on to the cake.

Mmm. Smells good. One more cake to go!

The second cake I remembered to put the apples first (and take a picture!)

Verdict. Mmm. It was sooo good and not that hard to make. Finished both cakes just under the (proverbial) nose. The neighbor downstairs was touched.


  1. Your cakes look delicious! I've been very tempted to make this cake. Very thoughtful of you to bake one for your neighbor.

  2. Those look great! The coffee cake was on my short list for the weekend, too, but got out-voted. [g]

  3. you got me in stitches!

    Oh gosh! Must include this on my list soon. And yours looks fabulous. I love coffee cakes, especially the ones with crumbs on.

  4. Your cake looks so yummy! I love coffee cakes! I agree with Vicki that it is so thoughtful of you to bake for your neighbour. And Ez-man is sooo adorable and he has grown a little too! :) I just love that smile on his precious!

  5. I love the Cake Bible version so this one must be equally good (if not better)! Thank goodness you were able to bake them in time!

  6. ב''ה

    Thanks everybody. I did not realize there was one in the Cake Bible. I'll have to try it and compare. :)

  7. What a tasty treat this looks like! yum. joan

  8. Mendy, am so impressed that you are still cool and composed making a cake under such deadline. You even take pictures!
    I made this one last weekend, it is really good. The taste improves as it ages though, by the 3rd day it's even better (I hope you still have some by then LOL).

  9. Looks delicious....the family loves anything with apple. I must try it.