Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - Bread Bible - Rosemary Foccacia


This Rosemary foccacia was delicious. 

I mixed all the dry ingredients together.

I almost broke our mixer making bread dough once so making bread for me is strictly a hand-mixed affair.

 I love these wet doughs.

So, since I was not using the mixer I could not get the consistency recommended by the recipe. I have learned a trick however (from "Artisan Bread Baking"  by Maggie Glazer I think) to periodically pull/fold the wet dough until its gluten is worked.

I ended up giving this a five hour rise (while I made the hamentashen).

It poured like Rose said but because I made a double batch and had to divide it, I lost some of the air pockets.

 I  like a lot of Rosemary on my bread and a lot of hot pepper on my pasta.

First bread.

The second bread. I skipped the salt since I figured there was enough for me in the dough.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - Baking Bible - Hamentashen


These are wonderful hamentashen. Most hamentashen dough is parve and fairly bland. These are very dairy, buttery, flaky and full of flavor.

Mis en place.

Some of the fillings. Every one already has favorites, so I did not make the one from the recipe.

Some characters from the Purim story. The concept is that Divine intervention is not mentioned in the story, even though it was obvious divine influence. The moral being to recognize the hidden divine influence in ones own every day happenings. So the theme is 'hidden', such as the name "Esther", which means hidden, children wearing costumes and um, foods that have a stuffed 'hidden' center (kreplach are another).

Omi-girl is already in costume. :)

Turbinado sugar.

I do not have a dairy food processor so I ground the turbinado in my coffee grinder...

…and mixed the flour and butter with the hand mixer...

…until it was 'pebbles'.

I multiplied the recipe x 4. Then I realized we would need more for the holiday and made another x4 batch. Everyone is obligated to gives gifts of ready to eat gifts of food to friends and neighbors ('shalach manos'). Hamentash are often a traditional part.

After the hand mixer reached this point, I kneaded for a minute by hand until it came together.

It is a lovely, workable dough.

I use this cup that has a rounded lip. If you push down right it creates a vacuum that pops the cup back up when you push down and leaves the dough-round unattached to the cup. If it sticks to the cup, I use a knife around the edge to loosen it and let it drop.

I did not put it in the fridge for any rest. I rolled it right away and did not have any problem.

The 'mun' (poppyseed) filling is wonderful. Apricot lekvar is also classic. It seems Rose's version is a combination of the two.

 We like to experiment a little with different filling. 


Toaster shot.

All the kids like chocolate chip hamentash. However, chocolate chips do not melt in the oven. Next time, I'll have to make a ganache. We skipped the egg glaze. 

We made a large assortment, with many different flavors. You can use any fruit preserves as long as they are not too watery.

If you use watery jam, such as the cherry on the bottom left, it bleeds all over. :)

Poppy, prune and apricot.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Genoise with Lemon Posset - Greenstein's Bakery - BB


Genoise is always lovely and the Posset was nice, new and interesting. Perhaps I would have preferred the posset it a tad sweeter.

Mis en place. Why, yes, those are Meyer lemons!

Not sure what 'apple jelly' is. This is what I found. Other than this there was only apple butter.

The smallest piece of paper towel is good enough to hold all the butter solids from the beurre noisette.

beurre noisette

Mixed with the genoise batter. I made a double batch.

 Toaster shot.

Aren't they lovely? My new friends.

The 'stacked' look.

Apple spread.

Completed. It really only added a very slight flavor. 

I must say I am very glad the posset did not actually take three hours. It was already congealed enough to use in an hour. Um', Also, I guess I'll come clean and say that I used some food coloring because I wanted the posset to be yellow. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - BB - Chocolate Pavorati with Child-deterent ganache


This is a fantastic chocolate cake and the cayenne pepper in the ganache makes this something truly unique. The kind of unique experience that Rose gives us so often. Thank you Rose; this is sublime.

Mis en place

The "Ez-Man" was with me for moral support.

I won this handy egg cracker from Michele over at The Artful Oven. Check her out! (It really is helpful btw.)

Melting the chocolates.

First part of the batter. I made a double recipe.

With the eggs.

White chocolate.

Toaster shot. I did not feel like fussing with tin-foil for the cake strips so i used a bundt pan. 3/4 of the batter.

1/4 of the recipe was left over so I made cupcakes.

 My oldest daughter runs into the kitchen, grabs open the fridge and chugs a water bottle. "What happened?", I ask. "Um, I snuck some of the ganache, but it backfired…" That'll teach her!! :)

The weird ring texture is from the baking spray bubbling up. I guess I used to much. 

This cake had a great texture. I did increase the water a little in the cocoa though.

I knew the kids were not going to want the ganache (I used a full teaspoon of cayenne pepper) so I made a second attempt at the caramel whipped cream. Decided I would try some fresh vanilla.

Turned out much better this time as I left out the kolatin.

The ganache and whipped cream is a good combo but I prefer the caramel whipped cream with ganache sans cayenne, as it is in the cuddle cake.