Sunday, June 6, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Chocolate Butter Hiccups


I was not so impressed with these cup cakes. At least the way they turned out for me. The Hershey's cocoa I used seemed a bit off in terms of flavor for this and the texture was almost like hard-boiled egg yolk. It could have also used some sort of frosting or buttercream. It was still yummy however, and got eaten up. You can not go too wrong with chocolate and butter. ;)

This is the best pic I have of them, the others did not come out for some reason. Must be that virtual darkroom in my digital camera having hiccups...

Mis en Place:

These were fairly simple to make. Not to many steps. I added two table spoons of water to the cocoa to help the texture. It may not have helped in this case. At least it was not dry.

This is before I smoothed them.

The missus and the "Ez Man" enjoyed them, Ken'ayna Hora. :)

O.K. Finally got one of the pics!


  1. Hi Mendy - I had run out of Green & Black's cocoa last week and used Hershey's. Cake was dry. This week I used Droste while waiting order of G&B, and the cupcakes are not dry, almost a little damp in very center, but they baked without your nice dome. I froze them until Tuesday night when I can frost them. Sorry your's weren't up to standard, but maybe the cocoa? We will see what the other HB say. Love seeing cute family. j

  2. Hi Mendy! I'm so sorry to hear that your cupcakes were dry. I didn't use Hershey, i used Valhorna. Mine wasn't dry either. Could it also be the baking time? Because my cupcakes were ready way before the 20-25mins stated in the book.

  3. ב''ה

    Joan: They had a funny texture but they were not exactly dry. Sorry for the confusion. I also think I'll try Droste next time.

    Faithy: Gosh, I don't remember how long they baked...

  4. Chocolate can certainly be finicky stuff. Beautiful picture of your wife and son! So nice to see such happiness.

  5. hard boiled egg textured chocolate cupcakes? bummer! at least your lovely wife and the "ez man" got to make an appearance. better luck next week i hope!

  6. Beautiful pic of the fam, Mendy!

    I just tasted one of my cupcakes, and it cracked into pieces as I was taking the liner off. The flavor was wonderful, but the texture on mine was also a bit off. I used Ghiradelli cocoa and baked for 20 minutes.

  7. Mendy, I noticed (a little late) that the recipe calls for alkalized cocoa, and mine isn't. That might be my problem, with this cake and the last chocolate one. I wonder if that's the case with yours?

  8. ב''ה

    I think you may be right Lois. I do not think the Hersheys is alkalized.

  9. My cupcakes were dry too. I made them last year, so this time I made sugar syrup (with grand marnier). It became much better.