Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Rose (water) Genoise


O.K. So I did not have the specialty Rose shaped pan that this recipe calls for. I did, however, get the heritage bake pan that Raymond and Rose have recommended. I figured, what is the fun of being part of a baking group if you can't get roped into buying some shttoty accoutrements now and again.

However, I still felt bad that it was not actually in the shape of a rose, which was the whole premise of this recipe. I decided that instead of using triple-sec for the sugar syrup, I would reach in to my Judeo-Syrian roots and use rose-water. I have to say that it really did add a delicate and lovely flavor.

Mis en Place:

If you have not had rose-water before I highly recommend it. Its flavor is unique! I used 1 teaspoon for the sugar syrup. It may have been a little too much. Next time I may use 1/2 teaspoon to more closely match the shira syrup flavor.

Strain the beurre noisette.

My, err, double boiler... Watch out, with that much surface area it really warms up fast!

You have to tilt it a bit at the beginning to get it to mix properly. It really did take the full 10 minutes to fluff properly. With a pot this big though you can sort of let go of your hand mixture though and just watch it. ;)

Add the flour. I just use Wondra for any of these types of sponge recipes. I do not have to sift the flour and it blends quickly and easily. You also get a higher rise from your cake (usually.)

Fold in the butter mixture.

Fill it up.

Here, your intrepid toaster baker in the urban jungle attempts to push the art of toaster baking to its limits with a full sized bunt pan. Drum roll please...

Wait until it is peeking over the top and starts to sink in the middle. The heating element was just starting to make its mark on the top...

And voila! "Bil Hana!"


  1. Dear Intrepid Toaster Baker,
    I swear you are getting funnier with each post! I just looked at Raymond's Heritage bundt cake and now look at you with your fancy pantsy pan. Man. It won't be long until all the Heavenly Bakers have this pan! The rose water syrup is a brilliant move. Good to know the Wondra flour worked too!
    Keep on toasting,

  2. Bravo! Bravo! Simply gorgeous. I've only had rose water in rice puddings at Indian restaurants and loved it.

  3. Pretty! What a funny post! I love that bit about the intrepid toaster baker pushing the limit.

  4. I should have waited for you to bake yours first and then try it with Rose Water! I have this huge bottle of Rose water in my fridge and i hardly use it! Perhaps i'll like it better with rose water in it. Beautiful cake! I so need to buy that heritage pan!!!

  5. Intrepid, indeed!!! TA DA!!! Love the pan, and the result. So simple and beautiful. Ingenious, the rose water - lovely scent. You should be proud.

  6. Ohhh I have to second everyone's in the brilliant move of Rose Water for the syrup. And seriously I love how you are so crafty when it comes to your equipment - the double boiler - CLASSIC!

    And we are totally going to end up with this cake pan in our pantry.

  7. Gorgeous! It worked, it worked!! What would one do to thank a toaster oven? An extra spray of 409, maybe?? :o)

    What a great idea to use Ma' Alward (that's Arabic for rose water). I bet Orange Blossom water would work too.

  8. What a great suggestion - rose water and very fitting for this cake. My Indian friend uses it often and I have enjoyed it. When I get the heritage or the rose pan, I will soak the genoise with rose water syrup. Amazing how you bake in a toaster oven. Nothing stops an intrepid baker. Lovely!

  9. Mendy - I can't get your vanilla pound cakes post to come up. Maybe you need to tweak it a little - j

  10. ב''ה

    Joan, I scheduled it to come up in a couple weeks but hit the publish button by accident. I then fixed it... Sorry!