Monday, November 23, 2009

Rose's Heavenly Cakes - Catalan Salt Pinch Cake


Mis en place:

The Ez Man was with me for moral support:

Preparing the pan...

What it looked like when I started mixing.

...and after mixing. It took me about 45 minutes and really rose up. At first I tried to use the Tablespoon measure but the egg mixture kept slipping out of it. I then switched to a 1/4 cup measure and that seemed to work much better, it still took quite a while for all the eggs to get used up.

When I read that I would have to stick my hand in the batter to pinch the flour morsels I decided to use Wondra flour to see if that helped. It slipped straight through the sifter, I do not think I really had to sift it.

The Wondra dissolved almost immediately into the batter, I did not have to mix very much.

The batter before baking...

Woah! It climbed at least an inch over the edge of this 2 inch spring-form. I did not expect it to climb that high. I wonder how hight it would have climbed had the parchemt been even higher. Maybe it was because I spent so long mixing in the egg yolks or maybe it was because of the Wondra.

The flavor was really nice almondy and light. I do think that the Almond Shama Chiffon with the Ammereto syrup had a more, to use a Rose adjective, "luscious" flavor. I did forget to put in the lemon zest and I think it would have been better with it. Also, I used pre-ground almonds and did not bother to put them in the food processor. This was a mistake as there were recognizable little bits of almond still. This was a very nice cake and I would definitely make it again.


  1. Wow! Looks good! I love how your cake puffed up after baking!

  2. Fantastic Mendy - glad to know the Wondra flour worked well in this recipe. I love how your cake turned out - they're getting better and better!

    Keep including pics of your kids... so cute!


  3. Quick question - did you cake sink in the middle as it cooled?

  4. ב''ה

    @ButterYum: Thank you. Yes, the cake did sink a little bit in the middle. But I did not get a picture of it. It did not sink as dramatically as Marie's picture though. It was more like a slight concave.

  5. Your cake looks beautifully TALL! Good job. I am glad you enjoyed it.