Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heavenly Cake - Baby Chocolate Oblivions


These were really intensely rich and chocolaty.

Mis en place:

I looked at all the different kosher chocolates and the one with the highest percentage of cocoa was good ol' Paskez from NY at 56%. Even the Swiss kosher brands did not have that much, the highest being 52%.

Melting the chocolate with the butter and sugar. It was a tight squeeze.

The boyd.

Heating the eggs. I did not have anything smaller that would work.

Mimi was nice enough to take this picture of me.

Eggs and chocolate incorporated.

Put it in Le Toaster...

Cover with toaster pan. This worked nicely..

The water bath. The craters in the middle of some of them are because the water got to them. I guess I could have put them on top of a rack, but I did not want to have them closer to the top heating element of the toaster. I think that next time I make these I can use a rack in the water and lower the toaster rack to solve this.

This is the first recipe from the heavenly cakes that my kids really liked. The true litmus test of a cake.


  1. And i thought my pan was mini size, i think your's even smaller..LOL! :) Looks yummy! Your little girl so cute and she certainly is happy holding all the chocolate cakes to herself! :D

  2. Wow! I love how much you've had to improvise, and to such good results!

  3. Hi Mendy - nice to see the face behind the blog!

    That pot of chocolate and butter almost overflowing made me cringe... too close for comfort! Ahhh!!

    Did you have any trouble removing your baby cake from the metal pan?

    Your daughter sure looks happy with that plate full of chocolate - what a smile!


  4. I think you've just discovered an unfilled niche, Kosher dark chocolate. I really enjoyed the pictures of you improvising. And your daughter is a delight!

  5. I tried commenting last night, but for some reason it didn't work so I am trying again.

    Your cakes look delicious and that looks like one very happy little girl. My little one missed out on these because he was already asleep on shabbos by the time we ate them.

    I am not sure what is available where you are, but there are some kosher high percentage chocolates available. Scharffen berger is parve and makes a 62% and 70% chocolate. Callebaut makes a 56% chocolate that is also parve. Guittard makes a 61%, 72% and 85% chocolate which are all good but they are all heschered dairy. I used the scharffen berger 62 for these cakes and was happy with the intensity of the chocolate.

  6. Your little girl is just darling! So proud to be pictured with the the chocolate cakes. She is one of us, for sure!
    I love your knife edge baking. But you seem to pull it off with aplomb. If that chocolate melting session was re-inacted in my kitchen, there would be a choclate river from the stove top to the floor. You must have some real kitchen magic working for you!
    I marvel at how you kosher up the recipe. And your write ups always make me smile. Cheers!

  7. ב''ה

    Thank you all for your nice comments!

    Yes, Ruthi was quite happy holding that plate...

    @ButterYum: I only had trouble getting out the ones that water got to. The others slipped out really easily.

    @Vicki: I agree, there is a shortage of dairy chocolate baked goods and dairy baked goods in general. Most kosher bakeries in Brooklyn have, almost as a rule, parve (non-dairy) goods (except for cheese-cakes of course...)

    @Shoshana:I actually knew about the Scharffen Berger, but I was not up for a trip all the way uptown to Fairway (or Zabars) to get it. Thanks for letting me know about the other brands, good to know. I do keep חלב ישראל though. To bad your little one missed out. :)

  8. ב''ה

    Thank you Melinda, for your nice comment. Yes, Ruthi (and my other girls) are always looking for a way to participate in the baking.

    I think, perhaps in part, that I am able to keep clean because I know my wife's watchful eye is trying to gauge what kind of mess I am going to make this time...

  9. Your kids have very sophisticated chocolate tastes. When I was Ruthi's age, I turned up my nose at semisweet chocolate--it was Hershey's or nothing for me.
    I'm also impressed at how nothing seems to daunt you in your kitchen.