Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - Baking Bible - Peach Galette


Luscious and summer-y peach Galette! I like the idea of a pie without that you don't have to worry about the shape.

The pie dough came together easily. I did not have heavy cream so I just added a little extra cream cheese.

Blanching is fun!

The peaches are blushing from being caught undressed.

The almond is a nice touch.

Preping it square-ish for the toaster.

Reducing the juice.

So satifying to make this.

It it with some ice-cream for the full affect.

Make sure its really sealed around the edges or you will get some leakage.

It was delicious. What more is there to say.

I was considering making the kurambieths last week but could not bring myself to use so much butter for one recipe. It is so expensive...


  1. I thought butter should be cheaper over your side.. butter IS getting expensive nowsdays compared to years ago. I love how you made your galette toaster friendly shape..rectangle instead of round. :) And your peach pie filling looks so juicy and yummy.. you added more peaches?

  2. Oh it's looks luscious with peaches… and the pastry looks so nice. I'm with you both, butter is getting expensive compared to a few years ago! --- Jeniffer

  3. Rectangle shape is very clever for the toaster oven. It looks lush. I don't remember the price of butter in the past because I never used so much of it!

  4. Smart idea to make it square-ish. It looks so delicious. Even Trader Joe's butter went up in price. All dairy really, because of the drought hay and feed has sky rocketed here in the west.

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