Sunday, September 6, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - Baking Bible - Flaky Cream Cheese Scones


These scone were O.K. A bit rich and not enough blueberries.

They were still pretty darn tasty though. You just can't really eat more than one.

Mis en place

My wife made some kaak. She finally found 'mahlab' (ground cherry pits.)

My 'jazz hands'.

At the last minute I remembered to soak the blueberries in hot water.

I made a double recipe and added a tad extra honey, so the non-blueberry bites would be more tolerable.


Omi-girl was with me for moral support.

Toaster tray shot.


  1. Wow, your scones turned out huge. Loving the jazz hands!

  2. Your scones look nice and fluffy! You look cute in the apron! Is that yours or you share with your wife?