Monday, July 27, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - Baking Bible - Gooseberry Currant Blueberry Pie



No elderberries to be had…

But I found Gooseberries. :)

The "lava lamp" and Omi-girl were with me for moral support.

The lovely crust come together without a hitch.

Red and Green Gooseberries, red currants and blueberries. The Gooseberries and currants were a bit tart. I increased the sugar to 1 cup. It could have used, perhaps, a bit more even. The Gooseberries were very runny. We spent a half hour pulling off the nips from the berries.

I probably should have sieved out some of the extra liquid.

I figured the main point of this recipe was that blueberries can help smooth out more seedy berries. The Gooseberries do have a lot of seeds so perhaps it worked. I've never had gooseberry pie on its own before, so I'm not sure. At any rate, this pie was delicious and tart and runny. It was not particularly unique in flavor though. For that, I'll have to find some unsuspecting elderberries...


  1. Sounds really good! I've never tasted gooseberries before.

  2. So fun to see you baked with gooseberries! gooseberries looks like green grapes from your photos. I wanted to use canned gooseberries but changed my mind when I saw mulberries on sale. Your pie looks colorful and delicious!

  3. Mendy: I have never even heard of gooseberries! Sounds like something from Dr. Seuss! Your pie looks delicious, and those young helpers of yours are particularly delightful. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full! I am baking my pie today.

  4. that photo of the mixed berries is a work of art!

    1. Thanks Rose. Perhaps I should try my hand at a still life. :)

  5. I agree with Rose the uncooked mixed berries look beautiful. And the finished pie looks pretty good too.