Monday, July 13, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - Baking Bible - Molasses Crumb Cakes


I made a double batch. The first I made into mini-bundts and the second into mini cake-lets.

These delicious and tangy molasses cakes came out better for me in the bigger version (mini bundt cakes).

The cake-lets I made got burnt. Not sure what I did wrong. When the buzzer rang, the middles were not done, even though the sides were already burning. Perhaps I put them on the wrong rack of the oven (bottom) or perhaps it is because I did not use baking spray with flour. *shrugs* Don't know.

The batter was pretty liqued-y

The next time I won't use the crumb topping as the kids did not like it.

Here you can see a size comparison to the mini bundts.

The mini bundts had a soft lovely crumb. It makes me think that this the mini cake-lets may loose out on the soft middle here somewhat since they are so small.


  1. Oh, the mini bundts sound so appealing… I'll have to make larger ones next time. I baked some without the crumb topping… definitely an easier "sell" to kids without it. :) ---- Jeniffer

  2. Yours look really tasty Mendy. Good job.

  3. Good idea to use the mini bundts!

  4. The bundts were a good idea. Shame about the burning on the others. Mine all took a long time to bake but luckily didn't burn.

  5. i almost bought the mini bundt pan! they look so cute.

  6. I wonder why they burned? they look so pretty sitting in the pan. Hmm. Well, the mini bundt cakes look good!

  7. Mendy, great idea on the little bundt cakes!! I love these, but I guess I say that about pretty much everything we're baking....