Monday, June 22, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - Baking Bible - Double Damage Chocolate Oblivion


Coming soon… Pictures… Maybe.

Can't find the pictures I took.

However, like all of Woody's recipes so far, this cake was fantastic. I still have dreams of the 'Lemon Luxury' from Heavenly Cakes.

I made this cake in two pans. The flour-less cake I made in a regular cake pan (parve) inside I roasting pan filled with water. I covered the top with a silicon pie pan. Too bad I can't find the picture. ;)

The second cake was a standard chocolate cake. I did not have time to make the ganache but it really would have helped bring it together and cut the dryness.


  1. I hope you find your pictures soon! :) I like your 'coming soon'...reminds me of the good old days where the movie trailers saying this movie is coming!

  2. hope you'll find them, I cant wait to see how it came out...shavoua tov!

  3. I remember that Lemon Luxury cake. Didn't it have something like twenty-one eggs in it? It was fantastic. I wondered if this Oblivion couldn't be made in cake pans. Glad to know it can. Hope you find the pics. Not funny when they disappear.

  4. I hope you find your pictures soon! It can be so frustrating to lose them. Was your Oblivion dry? Mine used to come out dry until I switched to really good chocolate. My husband thought the deep choc etc cake was a little dry. The jam did help, a little.

  5. Hi Mendy! Can't wait for the photos! You're right--Woody's recipes are fantastic!! I made that Lemon Luxury cake for a holiday dinner. I accidentally used the wrong size pans. The batter boiled over out of the too-small pans, and the cakes were uneven. I always make a little bit of extra icing so that I have plenty to work with and pipe a few decorations. Well, thank heaven, because I needed it! On the outside the cake looked great. But once we cut into looked like a six year old had put it together! Moral to the story--icing covers a multitude of baking problems, so always make plenty! :-)