Thursday, September 2, 2010

BBA - Sourdough Pumpernickel Bread

If you are interested in a great tutorial on how to shape round braided Rosh Hashana Challah,
Check this out!

O.K., so they got a little flat. Nu, so kill me. That's what you get when you don't use a couch or contain it with a pan.

My husbandly stash of flours. Notice the arrow root for the upcoming HCB charrlote.

I made a rye starter a couple days before hand using my regular starter as base.

This recipe calls for cocoa and brown sugar. Surprisingly, no molasses.

For pumpernickel you add old rye bread crumbs.

The dough ready to rise.

After a full nights rise. The dough was a little wet, so it was hard to shape. Maybe that's why it did not retain its shape properly on the second rise.

The "Ez Man" loved the corn meal.

Ready to rise? Aak! I had a feeling There would not be enough room So I transfered two to another baking sheet.

Aaak! They are supposed to rise up, not out!

They were to wet to transfer again. I folded them over themselves, so as to retain the most rise possible, and hoped for the best.

Not bad for a lump of clay. ;) It tasted delicious! The rye starter really came through nicely.


  1. Wonderful Mendy! Your family is so very lucky to have you bake bread. What a wonderful gift. I can't believe how big your son is. Up and walking and helping you bake!

  2. wow, see, bread looks soooo complicated. i'll stick with 7-page cake recipes!

    i love your flour stash!