Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Golden Ingots


These ingots were good but not fantastic. Using only liquid butter made them seem oily or gooey or something. I am not sure what we were really going for here. I also did not use the food processor on the ground almonds and think they really would have had a smoother texture if I had.

The "Ez Man," who can now have real dairy, did not seem to mind the funny texture. He had a GREAT time with these!

Mis en place: (no, I did not add the wine or the vodka to the cakes...)

Warming both the butters.

The batter. O.K. so the one direction I did not follow was to measure out the melted butter. I figured there was only one extra tablespoon in there anyway and most of it probably got soaked into the paper towel that was lining the sieve.  It was not clear if we were supposed to get rid of the milk solids on top of the butter or not. I just left them there. Maybe all this caused the overly 'oily' texture, although, I'm not convinced.

Before the butter.

...and after the butter.


  1. maybe the wine and/or vodka would have improved them for you?

    bummer these didn't work out for you, but at least the ez likes them! he looks so happy!

  2. Mendy... mine came up pretty good, I also thought the butter was quite a bit, but mine were not very oily... they have the nutty taste of the Beurre Noisette.. much pronounce than the ones with peanut butter that we did a couple of months back. Tom, like them, he did not love them as the PB ones but we are down to 2... which is a miracle since they are competing with the TWD choice wich is PB cookies.

  3. Sorry to hear that your ingots didn't turn out the way you like it. EZ man looks sooo adorable! I want to carry him and hug him! Please do that for me! Love his happy smile! :D

  4. I removed the solids from my butter and I didn't find the cakes at all greasy so that might make a difference. Love the picture of your little helper. He sure looks happy!

  5. EZ Man is too cute. Glad he liked them, I made the peanut butter ingots and didn't care for them either. Yours look really good and crispy on the outside.