Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Jansci Torta - Passover Cake #3


Since I already made the Banana Refrigerator cake for "Free Choice" week, I figured I would post the Jansci Torta I made over Passover. You can review my banana cake post, if your so inclined, here.

It was really great! Chocolaty - Walnuty. Perhaps the best of the Passover cakes I made in its unadorned state.

Mis en Place:

Mix beaten egg yolks with chocolate/walnuts.

Beat egg whites.

Fold Fold...

Bake Bake! It was nice and fluffed and filled about 1/2 of the pan.

I could pretend it all went well but, in reality, it was not completely baked when I took it out and had to lop off part and re-bake it. It got a little messy. 


  1. oh, I almost made the Jasci torta for free bake week. it looks so good!

  2. "lop off part and re-bake it"- I'll remember that trick. Good one! You've made me want to choose this cake for the next free bake. I really enjoyed the lightness of the Passover suitable cakes.

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear the cake was not completely baked. Glad you liked the taste though. So you scoop out the unbaked part and rebaked? Did it turn out? I've never done this before, that is good to know.

  4. ב''ה

    ECL: It Is so good!

    Vicki and Jenn:
    I guess I should have made it more clear. The bottom two centimeters of the cake were completely unbaked (I blame the cheap and light colored spring-form that I used.) I simply cut it off and put the rest of the cake which was only a bit underdone, back in to finish. I guess I could have put the part I cut off in as well, I can't see why not.

  5. I don't usually like cakes made with beaten egg whites. This looks interesting though and maybe next year, I will try it.

    I made flourless chocolate cake and brownies and chocolate chip cookies and blondies which was the hit. All were potato starch cakes.

    I don't have the proper cake pans for Pesach which is another reason, I would be hesitant to make this cake. Maybe, by next year, that will be my splurge IY'H.

  6. ב''ה

    Sweet and Savory:
    Thanks for your comment. This cake was a nice change from the usual potato starch. We also made brownies! :)

    I got a cheapo spring-form pan to make this cake in. It was not worth it. Get a good one and you won't have to dissect your cake like I did...

  7. Sorry to hear that the cake wasn't baked all the way through. It sure *looks* great. Perfectly flat top!!

  8. What a masterful save! From memory I think my cake was weirdly wet, but amazingly delicious.

    Can I just say that Potato starch in cake sounds not so great... now you have at least three cakes in your arsenal to survive passover.

    Great job mendy. Was just thinking that maybe this cake would be good with the frosting from the chocolate tweed angel cake? What do you think? Or is that a no no - dairy and all?

  9. ב''ה

    It was that bit of dampness that I was able to get to by the re-bake.

    Potato starch cakes are not so great. You would be amazed, though, at what can be done with it!

    Thanks. Mmmmm, chocolate tweed frosting sounds just right! I wish I had a dairy Passover oven. There should be no problem making this all dairy.