Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cake Bible (based) - Cointreau Cake


I am skipping the chestnut sand cake as I have not been able to locate the flour. :(

Grand Marnier is not Kosher so I substituted Cointreau. Especially with the orange blossom water, this cake had a very intense flavor!


  1. Sounds delish. Did you poke your cake with the beater from your hand mixer? Haha, Men!


  2. You just scared me witless! Chestnut sand cake?
    We're on the Coffee Chiffonlettes page 334 this week. Did I miss something? But this cake sounds super delicious. I have yet to bake anything out of the Cake Bible. It's in pristine condition. After Heavenly Cakes I plan to start cracking it open. Anything with orange blossom water has to be delicious!

  3. ב''ה

    ButterYum: I used the beater because I have not had such good luck when using a toothpick. The holes seemed too small. Perhaps I could have found something a bit less masculine... ;)

    Vicki: I am also baking through the Cake Bible on my own. It's actually how I started getting into cakes and the beginning of the Heavenly cake baking adventure. Sorry for the confusion.