Thursday, March 4, 2010

Purim Hamentashen


My kids made these...

We used some of the redcurrant jelly left over from the recent double chocolate cake (in addition to apricot, strawberry, chocolate chips etc. (sorry, we were all out of poppy seeds. Some shmendrik used them all up on a lemon cake he made.)

Shayna decided to go all out with the hamantash thing.

Mimi tried to imagine us joining Marie in Hawaii...

No picture of my costume but I was, um, a baker... :)


  1. Fantastic! You kids are amazing chefs.

  2. Y'all are having too much fun! Love the costumes!And where's the recipe from your kid's cute little cookie tarts?

  3. WOW..your kids are so impressive..i'm very impressed with the cookies they made!