Saturday, March 13, 2010

Naan and Kosher Indian food!


This is the first kosher Indian food we have ever had. Boy what  we we're missing!

The Naan bread.

Clockwise from top. Mango chutney, Naan, Lamb with ginger and cilantro etc, baby eggplants stuffed with spices stewed in coconut sauce, zuchini bread of some kind, chili chicken.


  1. Mendy Mendy Mendy
    You're driving me crazy! I LOVE Indian food.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I was introduced to Gujarati food by a premier cook who was my friend, and her family. No white person ate Indian food back in the 70's in northern California. Now it's absolutely status quo with Punjabi restaurants. But no Gujarati restaurants as yet. You want more recipes? I've got 'em!

  2. ב''ה

    That sounds great. I know so very little about the cuisine in general. I really hope Indian food takes off in the Kosher world like chinese food has. It is so good. Were do you get your recipes?