Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heavenly Cake - White Velvet Cake with Milk Chocolate Ganache


This cake was very rich but we all enjoyed it, nonetheless. It got polished off within two days, even though I doubled the recipe.

Mis en place.

 יב עֵינָיו, כְּיוֹנִים עַל-אֲפִיקֵי מָיִם; רֹחֲצוֹת, בֶּחָלָב... שיר השירים פרק ה
"Its looks were as doves sitting by flowing water; white as though they had been washed with milk..."
Song of Songs 5,12

Rose must be getting to me as I not only made a cake strip out of tin foil, I weighed each pan to make sure they were equal. (They took turns in the toaster. :)

I forgot to use parchment and a spray. This turned out to be good as the bottom of the cake got just a bit burnt, but all the burnt part stayed in the pan. 

ה שְׁחוֹרָה אֲנִי וְנָאוָה... שיר השירים פרק ה 
I am dark and beautiful... Song of Songs 1,5

אִכְלוּ רֵעִים... שיר השירים פרק ה 
Come and eat, my friends... Song of Songs 1,5


  1. Oh wow, look how tall that is! And love how you went the "liquid" ganache route instead of waiting for it to harden.

    As always, so impress that you bake in your toaster oven!

  2. Looks yummy! I love the tall layers. Great idea to double up the recipe! I should next time! :D

  3. Wow! look at that gorgeous tall cake. Glad to hear it's a hit!

  4. You are amazing - thanks for sharing. This is a "go to" cake.

  5. Love your layers, and japanese-looking frosting - yum. "Come and eat?" - We should all get together!