Sunday, January 16, 2011

Heavenly Cake - Free Choice Cake - Chocolate Butter Cupcakes


I somehow did not realize that I already made this. My excel file with all the cakes I baked had this marked as 'no.' At any rate it came out much better than the first time and we all enjoyed these immensely.

Here is a list of cakes I still need to bake to catch up with Marie:

She Loves Me  Cake
Spice Cake With Peanut Buttercream
Marble Velvet Cake
Rose Red Velvet Cake
Black Chocolate Party Cake
German Chocolate Cake
White Gold Passion Genoise
Chocolate Rasberry Trifle
Ginger Cheesecake with Gingerbread Crust
No-Bake Whipped Cream Cheesecake
Yellow Butter Cupcakes
Plum Round Ingots
Deep Chocolate Rosebuds

15 cakes in all.

I actually wanted to do the Tiramisu and even was going to pipe my own lady fingers. However, the eggs that I placed on the counter every evening in hopes of inspiration languidly taunted me as I plotzed down in a stupor from a hard days work. 

Hopefully next time. :)


  1. Looks great Mendy. That is awesome you have 15 cakes left. I still need to catch up a lot!

  2. You only have 15 cakes left?!?! I have more than that..LOL! i too need to catch up!

  3. These look delishi. I'll bet they eren't around very long.!

  4. this is fabulous!

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  5. ב''ה

    Thanks Kendall!

    Looks like you have a great site!