Monday, September 26, 2011

Cake Bible - Chocolate Lover's Angel Food Cake


My Pineapple Cakes can be found here.

My wife requested a sponge cake from the cake bible, so I took a break from Heavenly Cakes for a week to make something for her. I had 14 egg whites in the freezer. Now, according to Jewish custom, you can not store eggs (or onions) that are already open without putting a little bit of oil on them. I was worried that this would stop the egg whites from whipping properly. However, the amount that I used was only a little, which is all you need to fulfill this, and they still whipped up nicely. I will say however, that the 40 minutes given in the recipe for the cake was not quite enough to bake the cake completely and it would have benefited from another few minutes baking.


Not the toaster...

Since the Jewish New Year is coming up this Wednesday night (Thursday and Friday) and the custom is to bake round challas I though I would post another videoI found on braiding them. This time with three variations 6, 4 and ball-type.

May it be a good and sweet new beginning. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heavenly Cake - Deep Chocolate Rosebuds


I am deeply passionate about these 'rose buds.' Maybe it was because I was out of baking for so long, maybe it was because I had not had a really good chocolate cake in a while, maybe it was Paris... Whatever the reason, these cupcakes were absolutely moist, delicious and gooey.


The batter had a marvelously delicate color and wonderful texture.

Ready to toast.

Toast em' up!

Lovely quasi-volcano cakes. Every one loved them!