Sunday, September 21, 2014

Honey Cake from Baking Bible


This honey cake is based on Marcy Goldman's recipe, which we have made before. It's a good one!

This is slightly lighter than regular honey cake and has a more complex flavor.

Omi-girl was with me for moral support.

May I should not have filled it up to the top and maybe I should not have used double acting baking powder.

Right before Shabbat, at the end of the baking (before the 20 minutes at 325) it started bubbling over the top and spilling onto the baking sheet. 'My cup runneth over' (psalms 23). It was not the toasters fault.

After Shabbat I 'picked up all the pieces of my shattered dreams' and put them back in the pan and baked it further on 350 for 1/2 hour or so.
It came out slightly rubberier than I would have liked but I chalk it up to the re-baking and not the recipe. The flavor is still wonderful. I used Sabra instead of whisky.

For the coffe I used the aeropress, which is my coffee of choice in general now.

Um, it was difficult to get it out of the pan properly. It is rather sticky. That is probably why it is better to you a simple round pan.

 יב כבקרת רועה עדרו ביום-היותו בתוך-צאנו, נפרשות--כן, אבקר את-צאני; והצלתי אתהם, מכל-המקומות אשר נפוצו שם, ביום ענן, וערפל.
–like a Shepard who tends his flock on the day he is amongst his sheep when he separats them out from others, so to I will remember my flock and save them from all the places that there are spread out to, on a day of clouds of darkness.
-Eziekel 34:12

When we are all counted by the all the almighty on Rosh Hashana like sheep being inventoried, to be judged for the next year, me we be blessed with good, physically and spiritually with a sweet year.