Monday, July 18, 2011

Heavenly Cake - Zach's La Bomba


This was a fantastic, unique dessert that is really above average pallet. I do have a bone to pick however. It was too damn small!! For all that work it really should have been at least twice as large.

Tea for the Sabayon. Perhaps, best served in such a tea pot.

Sabayon. I am not sure I got the full height as I also used the mixer for the chocolate.

Straining the preserves.

My "double boiler."

אין מילים

Test. With a smile. :)

Glossy? Yesh.

The kosher gelatin I found was actually non-flavored jello. I am still not sure if it worked properly, however, carageenan was amongst the ingredients.

After the freezer. The cake got slightly burnt in the toaster but it was a real star. What a fantastic chocolate cake all on its own!

I did not have time to wait 8 hours, as it was already 11pm. My wife has placed penne ala' vodka on the menu regularly now since we have been buying so much heavy cream for Rose's cakes.

I am not sure if this worked properly as this mouse was polished off within an hour.

Not very pretty, but it was fantastic! The flavors were sophisticated and delicious.

Now that we have been away from Brooklyn for a while I can start to reminisce about we miss, er no, not exactly, um find interesting? Um, no. How about a couple things that were... unique...

Only in Brooklyn.

and... only in Brooklyn...

I figured I would also take this opportunity to blog about the Jansci Torta I made on Passover, since I finally have proof that I whipped the egg whites by hand.

I can not remember exactly when I started. Say about 1pm.

 Pretty stiff!! :)

Fold it in.

One of the ubiquitous taste tester.

 The chocolate coating did suffer since I did not have any cream or such for the ganache. It still came out pretty good.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Heavenly cake - She Loves Me Daisy Cake


This was a fabulous cake! The kind of cake that must have made Rose famous. Very classic.


Yummy Lemon Curd. Mmm. I should make lemon curd more often. It is so good!

The blueberries went along really well.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Heavenly cake - Miettes Tomboy


This week I made Miettes Tomboy. It was A fantastic chocolate cake!

Mis en place:

My helper

The 'Ez Man' was with us for moral support and beater licking.

The super market near us, that has not enough baking supplies I now call 'half - baked'. They did not have any plain dutch process cocoa. They did, however, have Hershey's Special dark cocoa which is partially dutch process. We were quite pleased with the result actually. It had a terrific texture and a nice dark chocolate taste.

Ready for baking. It only filled up 1/4 of my 9 by 2 inch pan.

Nonetheless, after some time in the toaster, it looked like this. :) I did use a cake strip, which, I am sure helped a bit.

In better light.

Making moussline is always fun. As usual, I cut the butter in half for a more intense flavor. I forgot to add the vanilla again. Drat! It still tasted fab.

We could not find a candy rose lying about so I put a lollipop a-top.

Happy 4th!