Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Out of commission this week. Here are some other goodies.

12 cakes to go! :)

I sprained my thumb on the pumpkin pie. No baking for me this week. Luckily, I baked a few things before it happened. Don't know if I'll make it to the wedding cake next week. It may have to wait until I get up to it...


Double decker apple upside down cake. Served with maple-syrup/bourbon whip cream. I finally got to try the macoun apples with this! 

Pate Ferment Baguettes.

Blood orange curd.

My new method of transferring/flipping over cakes is simply to use another pan. It works really nicely. Also, I now use my hand to place the second layer on top of the curd/cream on the first layer. It is a delicate operation and it seems to give some good control over it. Also, none of the curd gets wasted that way. You can simply lick it off. ;)
Aren't they purrrty?

De Cake!

Ez man found the 72%!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Heavenly Cake - Golden (Mango) Genoise a mistake I found and a $135 sponge cake :)


This was a fabulous cake that took a bit of work. I had to work myself up to make this. I had bakers block, if there is such a thing. Look down to the buttercream pic to find out the mistake I found. I could not find passion fruit and don't have to much time anymore to go looking for it. I would have definitely enjoyed this with passion fruit. When I find some I think I'll make this cake again (or at least just the curd!)  I love passionfruit! :)

Mis en place:

'Omi Girl' was with me for moral support. 

I already have numerous genoise posts already on this site so I only took a picture of the batter.

Requisite toaster pic. I baked two genoise cakes so the cake would be nice and high and use up all of the buttercream. Rose's buttercream recipes in this book are always enough for two layers.

Mango Puree. I put dole frozen mango chunks in the blender after it defrosted a bit.

The mango curd (pretty fab!)

The white chocolate custard. I guess the white chocolate I had was not the highest quality. It seemed to curdle and would not mix well with the melted butter. I did finally melt in to the egg though...

The buttercream. O.K. Here is the mistake I found. The recipe calls for 6 oz of cream cheese which should be 170g. However, 6 ounces was only 123g and the 170g was for the full 8oz package! I know it is not a big mistake but I feel pretty good for having spotted it! :) I get the feeling though that Rose has not been following our posts and will probably miss this. Oh well.



Ready for the swirl!

I enlisted my wife's help to do the final swirl as my attempts were not very good...

Ta da! Or as my little girl says, "da la!"

I have been making Bert Green's Special Sponge cake from the Cake Bible every Friday recently for the holy sabbath. After the Sukot Holiday I had my Etrog (citron) left over. This year I payed $125 for it. It is used in the holiday prayer service. Everyone wants a nice one without booboos so the prices are quite high. Mine was from Calabria Italy.

This is what it looks like on the inside: As you can see it ain't no lemon! At any rate I used the juice (it only gives very little and zest for the sponge cake.

We love Burt Green's sponge cake! :)

Here are some challahs I made.