Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Out of commission this week. Here are some other goodies.

12 cakes to go! :)

I sprained my thumb on the pumpkin pie. No baking for me this week. Luckily, I baked a few things before it happened. Don't know if I'll make it to the wedding cake next week. It may have to wait until I get up to it...


Double decker apple upside down cake. Served with maple-syrup/bourbon whip cream. I finally got to try the macoun apples with this! 

Pate Ferment Baguettes.

Blood orange curd.

My new method of transferring/flipping over cakes is simply to use another pan. It works really nicely. Also, I now use my hand to place the second layer on top of the curd/cream on the first layer. It is a delicate operation and it seems to give some good control over it. Also, none of the curd gets wasted that way. You can simply lick it off. ;)
Aren't they purrrty?

De Cake!

Ez man found the 72%!


  1. Hi Mendy!!! So fun to see that you have baked so many things! Ez-man has grown up!! And he is SOOO CUTE!!!

  2. Ez man looks so pleased he found the dark chocolate! I would be too. Lovely cakes--double decker upside down apple cake is brilliant! I hope you were as pleased as Ez with the gorgeous cakes coming out of your kitchen.