Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heavenly Cake - Genoise Tres Cafe

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Medaglia D'oro, the recommended instant espresso, had an OU kosher certification.

As usual, I mix the genoise right in the pot with the hand beater.


I made a double recipe as Rose's syrup and ganache recipes she includes are too much for one cake layer.

The "Ez Man" got to the very last cup of Wondra flour I had laid out for Mis en Place. I was not sure how cake flour would do for the genoise as I had never tried it without Wondra. It worked fine, tasted fine and only had some small flour pellets that were almost not noticeable. Aside from that it got a nice height and good texture. This cake got a nice brown color!

 Chocolate and espresso powder.

 This cake was nice but not as yummy as the coffee chiffonlets. The ganache got a bit grainy but I really think it had to do with the lower quality chocolate I used, rather than the amount I mixed it. I was pretty careful not to over-mix and I have had the graininess issue with this chocolate when I make ice cream with it. It had a great flavor though!


  1. Man, everyone had issues with that pesky ganache!

  2. That photo of your batter looked so shimmery! Very pretty!

  3. I forgot about the Chiffonlets! I really wish someone would figure out the cake flour ball thing. I can't find suitable answer anywhere. My theory is the heated egg whites wrap around the flour making it harder to "dissolve". The grainier Wondra doesn't isn't as tight. I try to heat the eggs to barely lukewarm in hopes that helps since cold water dissolves flour. Still, it vexes me.

  4. i too forgot about the coffee chiffon! did you layer the two cakes?

  5. ב''ה

    Thanks everyone!

    ECL: I did layer it.