Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cake Bible - White Spice Cake

Rose's White Spice Cake. The top got burnt a bit (all my dairy baking is in the toaster...)


  1. Oops... the top of the toaster oven was too close to the top of the cake. Maybe try splitting the batter up into smaller mini loaf pans next time. Also, you can purchase counter top convection ovens that work wonderfully for baking. Just a thought.

  2. BH

    Thanks. This particular cake has more batter than the other Cake Bible Butter Cakes, so it rose higher. I have found now that I can invert the rack in the toaster oven (it's an Oster, if that means anything...) and get the cake lower. However, this causes the bottom to get burnt. So, what I have been doing now is starting the baking lower down and then inverting half way through and covering the top with a buttered tinfoil. It still is sometimes touch and go and I am still perfecting the method.