Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Genoise Chocolate attempt (Rose's.) We dubbed this "le pancake!" (I think I let the eggs get to hot and then beat them with the paddle attachment instead of the beater...)


  1. I know this is cruel, but I love it when someone posts the dud bakes! So funny and sad too!

    I made a beautiful large brioche and the top knot wasn't secured correctly and it sprouted up and downwards. I still love to look at that picture. . It makes me really laugh, like a good joke.
    Although at the time, I can remember my heart sunk as it drooped over!
    I have enjoyed looking over your past baking projects, Mendy.
    I look forward to seeing your HCB bakes.

  2. BH

    Thanks Melinda. What's the fun of it if you can't find humor in your mistakes, right? I wish I had a picture of the honey sponge cake I attempted. The cake fell, literally, when it was hanging upside down. The honey was just too heavy for it (I am still wondering how it can be accomplished...)