Thursday, March 12, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - Baking Bible - Caramel Sticky Buns


Marvelous sticky buns. Very rich.

These took me all week to make. That what happens when I miss my chance on Saturday night and Sunday. I had to do this an hour or so at a time after work, in between bed times.

Monday: Starting the sponge

Cover in plastic...

Mix the butter and make the 'dough'.

 Perhaps I under-mixed it a bit...



Toast the pecans

Laugh with Omi Girl.

The dough ready to be 'rolled'

How am I supposed to roll this exactly?

Oh, like this. With lots of flour.

Egg wash.

filling. I forgot the raisins at this point.

Use a kids thermos for the middle.

Rolling was difficult. I realized you can use the spatula. :)

I wrapped these up and went to sleep at this point.

Toaster shot!

Taking out the thermos.

O.K., there not individual buns. So sue me.


 The caramel bubbling.

I am still trying to decide if it was really worth the effort. These are rich, complex and flavorful. We shall see tomorrow when I have my coffee.

לכבוד שבת קודש!


  1. Hi Mendy: They certainly look like they were worth it!! Simply decadent!! Mine morphed together and didn't come apart very well, but it didn't matter much. They were glorious! Smitty stirred some of the leftover caramel into his coffee this morning. Love the sunshine smile on that Omi-girl of yours!!

  2. Your bread dough looks like it is under knead. You didn't cut into smaller pieces but just put the entire roll into the pan? Looks like one round cake! Maybe next time I can do that too! :D

  3. Hi Mendy! Thanks for the welcome! I love your idea of turning theseb buns into a cake. No way I would sue you! Your bun(s) looks so tempting...I might just do this next time.

  4. Mendy, They look absolutely delicious.

  5. No Mendy last weekend! I have missed your post :). These looks great. I'm with Faithy - it actually looks good as a whole roll together. You can call it sticky cakes!