Monday, December 5, 2011

Heavenly Cake - Southern Coconut Cake


This was a fantastic cake. Both the cake and the frosting were fantastic! Several people who do not usually like coconut said that they liked this cake.

The Italian meringue. I doubled this and cut the butter in half. Maybe next time i'll double the creme anglais as well.

My wife got me a real coconut. :) So I got to use 7.9 oz of fresh coconut milk. The freshly grated coconut has a wonderful soft texture but it is very hard to grate properly without wasting any of it.

Coconut creme anglais. Yum!

O.K. I did not cut it properly, but that is not why I am showing this picture. Since I baked this in the toaster I did not want to bake it in two pans. the batter was about 3.5 lb but 1.5 lb of it did not seem to fill half the 2 inch cake pan like the recipe says it should. I find this often happens with Rose's two cake pan recipes. I end of pouring it all in one pan but it is a bit too much for it. At any rate, usually I get a lot of tunneling because of this. However, this time the tunneling was minimal. I did use a cake strip, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

The cake was a bit warm still so the frosting in the middle melted a bit. It was a really yummy cake warm though.

11 cakes to go. Since my wife did the grooms cake maybe I can count that as the wedding cake. Na. Where is the fun in that? ;) Perhaps one of our single family members will get engaged for us... 


  1. No pressure on your single family members...but I would love you to do a full on wedding cake.

    That's interesting about the batter. I go by grams instead of ounces and I usually have a little leftover after filling both pans. Do you think that would make the difference?

    The texture of your cake is indeed lovely. I can imagine how good it must have been warm--now I am craving this cake!

  2. yummm!!! Coconut cake is always the best.

    Congrats on only 11 to go!