Monday, May 16, 2011

Tiramisu and Hand Whipping Egg Whites


We have wanted to make the Tiramisu from Rose's Heavenly Cakes for a long time. This was just fabulous!

It has taken a long time to start and un-pack after then move. First the move, then Passover then a project with a deadline at work. All of the sudden, I check up with the Heavenly cake bakers and Marie is on the last cake! Ack! How did time go by so quickly? I had meant to try and jump back in. Oh well, very glad to continue along with the rest of you HCB who are still going to do it.

Really mad props to all of you Heavenly Cake Bakers who finished and a hefty Mazel Tov! to Marie for orchestrating the whole thing. Not sure how we will continue without your wry wit and encouragement. :)

I still can not find where I packed the camera cord, so you'll have to enjoy my cell-phone shots. 

Mis en place:

Getting to this mis en place took a lot of effort. It went something like this.

"Honey, where is the vanilla?"

"I don't know. But I just found the vanilla sugar and vanilla beans."

 After unpacking a couple boxes:
"Hey I found the Vanilla! Do you know where the instant espresso is?"

"I don't know"

 After unpacking a couple boxes:
"Hey I found the espresso! Do you know where the Sunbeam is? 

"I don't know"

 After unpacking a whole bunch of boxes, tailing the place apart and only in the end realizing that the movers had put it in the attic for some reason:
"Hey I found the Sunbeam!" 

My trusty dairy Oster toaster was, of course, moved by myself in our car, not wanting the movers to mess with it.

Finding Kosher Marsala was a miracle in its own right.

Eggs wine sugar...

The new kitchen window. :)

The "Ez Man" was with me for moral support..." This is at my mothers house. I promised I would make her a Jansci Torta for Passover. I buy the ingredients and ask her where her kosher for Passover hand mixer is. "Oh, I don't have one." Um, how about a whisk? No, sorry. Forks? "Yes, we have forks! You don't mean to say you plan on whipping it by hand do you?" That is exactly what I planned. If Joe Pastry says you can do it, I knew it could be done. At any rate, it was Passover and I was trying to celebrate the idea of the Jewish sage who said "Some people say, if you can't go through, go over. I say, jump over to begin with!" In under twenty minutes in fact! I took pictures with my other camera, but alas, I can't find the cord. :( At first I whipped with two forks back to back. Then i realized that it got very heavy and it was easier to just use one. My sister than came in and, when finding out my mother did not have a mixer, was about to get upset. "I'll whip it for you by hand!" I selflessly offer, saving the day. My arm ached for the whole next day but it was totally worth it! I got lots of praises on the cake, even if I did not get quite as high a rise out of the eggs (I was still able to get to stiff peak stage though.) Roses Passover cakes are the best! :)

Scrambled? Maybe. It came out O.K...

I ended up making a second batch of the espresso mixture since I ran out.

Finding 'Chalav Yisrael' type Kosher Mascarpone was, again, a miracle. Blend until creamy? Hmm, looks more like cottage cheese. Came out O.K...

The finished topping. It was Really good!!!

Easy to make and really delicious! Highly recommend.


  1. You are back! you were missed.. not back to that kitchen to bake it up!

  2. Great Post, Mendy - I really dislike the unpacking process, but hopefully you'll have everything put away soon. I had to chuckle at your toaster oven comments - reminds me of the time we moved across the country.... one of our friends carefully strapped my kitchenaid mixer into a car seat, and believe me when I say I appreciated it so very much.

  3. Mendy! So glad to have you, Mrs Mendy and the Ez Man back. Very impressive Tiramisu.

  4. Glad to have you back. Whipping with one fork? I'm so impressed!

  5. Yay, you're starting the kitchen unpacking! :) How well I remember that stage of "where is it", when "it" could be boxed, unpacked but in a mystery location, or was discarded during the packing--my last round was for my kitchen renovation.

    The tiramisu look wonderful.

  6. Yay you're baking! How did the Ez man become such a grown child? I still remember him as a baby from early on in the bake through! Here's hoping that you quickly find all the rest of your stuff.

    I can't believe you whipped egg whites by hand...with a fork! First the toaster oven, now the fork! I'm looking forward to those photos. This tiramisu looks great; can't wait to make it.

  7. ב''ה

    Thanks everyone! Its really great to be back baking again with all the HCBakers! :)

  8. You're back!! Ez man has grown!! He's so cute and handsome! How are you liking your new place? It's my turn to move now..hahaha...

  9. And your cake looks great! I forgot to mention your cake! too excited after seeing how Ez man has grown! I too can't believed you whipped egg whites with a fork..i think it will take me an hour and still not whipped to stiff peaks..LOL!

  10. ב''ה

    Thanks Faithy! Good luck on your move!

  11. Welcome back, Mendy! There were many wow's while reading your post: unpacking to find baking tools, whipping eggs by hand w/a fork, EZ man is so BIG!!! :o) And great cake of course!

  12. ב''ה

    Thanks Hanaâ. Its nice to be baking again.

  13. Maybe, you can help me. Do you know a place in NY to get the cholov Yisrael Mascarpone? Is your expresso dairy. If not, what brand is it?

    Sorry to be a nuisance.

  14. ב''ה

    Comfy Cook: Yes! Pomegranate Market in Flatbush, Brooklyn on Coney Island Ave makes their own חלב ישראל Mascarpone. They don't always have it though. Maybe call before you go?

    The instant espresso powder is actually the one Rose recommends in the recipe: Medaglia d'oro. It had an OU hechsher and is parve.

    So glad you commented. Good luck!

  15. Mendy, welcome back! You have been missed indeed!

    Whipping egg whites with a fork = very self determined and powerful (muscular) fork, oops, I mean cook!

    Happy unpacking and I hope you'll start baking soon :).