Sunday, October 25, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - - Baking Bible - Cookie Strudel


I knew this was a wonderful recipe. Glad to make this again.

Mis en place

Mixing the ingredients. I ended up just finishing by kneading by hand. Still came out nice and flakey.

My wife got me currants. I had left out the book on the page of the recipe and she surreptitiously  got me the ingredients.

אשת חיל מי ימצה...
"Who can find a woman of valour..." Proverbs 31

Chilled dough.

Rolled nicely.

I should have made the apricot lekvar as the flavor would have been more nuanced and subtle. This store-bought sort of hits you over the head. My 8 year old told me the flavor was too strong for her.


Toaster shot.

Coating with cinnamon sugar.

They really looked great.

 Glad I doubled this recipe. Heirloom recipes are the best!

 Arrgh. Flakey.


  1. What a thoughtful Mrs. you have there! Your Cookie Strudel looks delicious.

  2. I loved this recipe too--wish I would have doubled it!

  3. Looks delicious! I haven't time to make it..will soon!

  4. Wow, look at that flaky pastry. I'm waiting for mine to come out of the oven now. I'll be pleased if it's half as good as yours looks.

  5. Beautiful flaky pastry. Your wife is awesome!