Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - Baking Bible - Banana Chocolate Chiffon


This fabulous cake will definitely be made again here. A sponge cake with a real banana flavor. Fabulous! 

Dry ingredients

It seems sponge cakes can handle a certain amount of liquid. Perhaps chiffon sponges more than others? I've been looking to perfect a honey sponge cake recipe but have not succeeded yet.

 Batter. I did not use the food processor since it still smelled like tehina. So I simply mixed the liquid ingredients in the mixer.

 Its been a while since I got to whip a lovely foam.

Ready to go in.

 Since this cake was parve I got to use the big oven for it.

 The chocolate and banana is such a wonderful combo.

My wife found it blissful. 


  1. I've been curious to see if you used the toaster oven for this cake. Parve means no dairy or is that not correct? Your cake got great height and perfect golden color. So glad your wife enjoyed it! Did the children like it?

  2. I'm not used to seeing you with your big oven.. Your cake looks fluffy and light and delicious! I like that photo of your wife looking so happy! :)

  3. I have to agree, your big oven looks SO BIG. And it's so nice to see your smiling wife. Let us know when you perfect that honey chiffon.

  4. Looks like it turned out perfectly! There's nothing better than happy consumers. :)

  5. both your cake and your wife look absolutely beautiful!

  6. You did get great height on your cake. I thought it was fabulous too - so much reward for very little effort! No wonder your wife is smiling.