Sunday, December 21, 2014

Greenstein's Bakery - BB - Coffee Crisps


These are, without a doubt, one of the most delightful cookies I've ever had. 

A fantastic, light texture with a full coffee-nuanced, buttery-smack-in-the-face. That said, next time I will probably cut down the sugar and put a bit more espresso powder in the dry ingredients, rather than on top (which just seemed to give a bitter flavor).

Mis en place:

I like these new super fine sugar containers. :)

Moral support. Everybody helped this time.

'The Caboose' mixing the dry ingredients.

I could imagine that this basic mixture could be a foundation for many other flavors other than coffee, (as long as it is added as a dry ingredient?).

Omi-girl helped 'smoosh em' for the toaster.

You can see the fragile texture of the 'shmooshed' batch. Mine did not spread too thin. I wonder if it has to do with the type of butter used and how it spreads when heated?

Then we tried a drop-cookie type batch...

...which turned out looking like normal cookies but lost a bit of the delicate texture.

My study with some of my, um, 'Bibles' (להבדיל).

On Chanukah it is customary to eat 'Sufganiot' - donuts and other foods fried in oil.
כ וּמִנְחָתָם--סֹלֶת, בְּלוּלָה בַשָּׁמֶן
'And their flour offerings -- mixed with oil...'
Numbers 28:20

And of course the Jelly ones...

'...נר ה' נשמת אדם'
'The candle of the the divine is the soul of man.'
Proverbs 20:27


  1. Does each of your lovely helpers have their own Menorah? I think food-wise Hanukkah looks like one of the best Jewish festivals. (Yum, latkes - I tried to make them once but it's harder than it looks)

    I love the smooshed biscuits and the oh so sweet face of the smoosher.

  2. Happy Chanukah!

    Your helpers look like they were having a grand time :)

    I really liked these cookies as well (and so much easier than rolled ones). I like your idea of adding more espresso powder to the raw dough instead of sprinkling on the top. I skipped the sprinkling step anyway, so may as well add it to the dough!

  3. so you baked some on a silpat and they didn't flatten out like a lace cookie?

    1. ב''ה

      Yup. Its still a mystery to me.

    2. Good to know. Everything looks delish - happy Chanukah!

  4. Your dough is very dry! Mine is very wet..maybe that's why? Your cookies look great! I like how you smooch them like that!

  5. I love the shot with all the candles, even though I guess it has nothing to do with cookies. All the lights at this time of year really lift the spirits.

  6. Happy Hannukah Mendy & family! Love the shot of the "Bibles" and the candles. It is really nice to see the shot of your family and how happy everyone is! I like your idea of adding more coffee to the dough next time.

  7. How did you get yours so thick? You are completely correct. These cookies are completely delightful. Happy Chanukah Mendy. All the best to your and your beautiful family.

  8. Your cookies look great! One question--what's up with the rice in the mise en place photo?! Wishing you Chanukah blessings!

    1. ב''ה

      Ah, you see the Domino super-fine sugar usually comes in these hard-to-pour from cardboard boxes. So, I cut them open and pour them into the old rice container for easy scooping. That is why I am so pleased they finally have some new packaging.

  9. Your children always look so happy! I love the candle quote. It's so true. Great bible collection!

  10. Wish I had those helpers in my kitchen. Your cookies look wonderful. Happy Chanukah to you and your family.