Sunday, December 28, 2014

Greenstein's Bakery - BB - Frozen Pecan Tart


Fresh quality ingredients and following instructions make this a really stellar dessert.

Mis en place:

Lulu was with me for moral support.

Mixing the pate sucree

I kneaded this using a plastic surgical glove.

Rolled between parchments. Clear wrap is so fussy.

I think I did this right. Seemed to work...

Folded inward before the first toast. I could only find an 11 inch pan so I upped the ingredients about 20%

The toaster shot. Now the rice is 'dairy'. Casadeas anyone?

Did I miss the instruction to place the tin on the pre-bake?

There was concern that the Karo's flavor would not be complex enough. I added some molasses. Can't complain.

I weighed all my ingredients. Argh! What have you done to me Rose?

I toasted the pecans.

Have not tasted frozen yet. I'm not sure it will last that long.

You know its good when it falls apart on you. :)

'Est Gezunt' - 'Eat to your health!"


  1. Mendy.. Can your Lulu get any cutier? She is going to be a stunning young lady. And like yours, I positive that ours is not going to see the inside of the frezer either. We have, maybe, a 1/4 of the tart left - which I know that Tom will most likely polish it off in the name of a midnight snack tonight.

  2. Hi Mendy! Looks great!! I used a regular pie crust, which tasted great, but didn't cut well once it was frozen. But isn't it a delicious pie? Get some of the Lyle's Golden Syrup if you can, I am now addicted to it, thanks to Rose! Happy New Year! --Michele

  3. Oh! That first picture makes me wish I had a slice - and I'm not a fan of pecan tart.

    I know what you mean about Rose and her insidious ways. I'm even contemplating weighing the eggs next time.

  4. Wish I had Lulu's help for moral support! Having a difficult time with the crust and the wrong size tart pan. Your's turned out stunning! Golden syrup does have a molasses flavor to me.

  5. the frozen pecan tart looks great.

  6. Looks gorgeous. I'm pro adding molasses to anything and everything.

  7. Such a fun read. Kuddos to you for having the patience for moral support in the kitchen. I'm a "go away and leave me alone" kind of baker so my kids would have to watch silently from afar. Good plan to add molasses to your corn syrup. Surely you can find Lyle's in your neck of the woods. Definitely worth getting - it tastes amazing. Had to laugh at your comment to Rose about using a digital scale. When you get a chance, I'd love if you would stop by and see my post.

    Patricia @ ButterYum

  8. Mendy, your pie looks fabulous! Great idea of using the molasses. Agree with Monica, your daughter is adorable.

  9. Mendy, what a great pic of you and the pie! This is my favorite part, but your half eaten tart photo pretty well tells the whole story. Yours is a fun post to read.

  10. Mendy - your tart looks delicious. I love the first picture with the filling oozing out. Looks like caramel...yum!! I love the idea of adding molasses too - must have been great for flavor and color.

    Your Lulu is such a wonderful helper - I love the pictures of you baking with your children. What lovely memories you are making for them :)

  11. lovely tart, the oozy goo looks yummy. i agree with everyone else that adding molasses to round out the flavor of the corn syrup was brilliant. lulu is such a beautiful girl--what a proud papa you are!

  12. I love that last pic of you and your pie! It's a wonderful pic and shows how proud you are with your pie! The filling oozing out looks delicious! But it's also the filling oozing out that i am worried! I think i'll skip it. :)

  13. Looks amazing. I'm kind of obsessed with weighing everything now.