Friday, October 5, 2012

Heavenly Cake(s) - Yellow and White Velvet Butter 'Cupcakes'


O.K., so they are not actually 'cupcakes.' I did not have any cupcake liners so I just made the recipe in regular cake pans. The Yellow I made in a pound cake pan and the white velvet in a layer cake pan. 

The white cake tasted pretty much as you expect a layer cake to taste. The Yellow cake on the other hand was much lighter a cake than I am used to having in the pound cake shape. It was slightly disconcerting. In fact in made the cake 'seem' to taste slightly heavier, though if you paid attention you could tell that it was really a light, layer cake type cake. I am glad to say that it baked well though with out any issues. So it is OK to use a pound cake pan for this kind of cake.

The egg mixture.

The batter from the white velvet. The white velvet was definitely a favorite with the kids over the yellow cake for some reason.

Omi Girl was with me for moral support.

Some raisen challah I made for the sukkot holiday.

I used some left over challah dough for the some of the lachmagine. It came it out pretty good but the next day it was a bit tougher than the standard thinner dough.

Here is our sukka.

My wife used some leftover baguette that I made for her french onion soup. It was delish!
You place the bread in and cover with cheese. Than put the whole bowl in the toaster to melt it. Careful, it is hot!


  1. those raisin thingys look yummy. good to see you still plugging away at heavenly cakes! i'm eagerly looking forward to our next project.

  2. ב''ה

    Thanks ECL. Looking forward to the new project!! :)