Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Marcy Goldman's Everybody's Jewish Apple cake and The Upshern Tzitit Cake


This is a Tzizit cake. At three years old there is a Jewish custom for a boy to have his first hair cut - the 'upshernish'. The boy starts wearing sidelocks and tzizit, as commanded in the Torah (bible) as the official start of his Jewish Education.

The Ez Man before:

The Ez Man after:

Ezra Raiding the cookie table.

Aleph Beit Cookies. We take the boy wrapped in a talit to the bet medrash and learn Aleph Beit with him. We put honey on the letters that he reads so that it will be sweet to him. This is called the 'arayn-fir-nisht.'

More cookies

Lovely danishes. Baking isn't about the food itself really. Its about people getting together and sharing in each others pain and joy.

Here is the batter from Marcy Goldman's Everybody's Jewish Apple Cake recipe. Very easy to make No mixer needed.

My wife's opinion is that, this cake, while not as nuanced as one of Rose's cakes, is classic, satisfying and 'homey' (in yiddesh, "heimish").


  1. EZ man so cute and a handsome boy! Love his new haircut too! :) Cute alphabet cookies too..looks like the alphabet blocks! :D

  2. wow look at the Ez man growing up. congrats little dude! i love what you said about baking, you're absolutely right.