Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rose's Baking Bible - Yossele Rosenblatt Cake A.K.A. the 'The Chocolate Pavarati'


Also known as the 'The Chocolate Pavarati', as Rose calls it.

However, Pavarati is very meaningless to me so I changed the new to something our family can better relate to.

Anyways you can't compare with the soulful Yossele, the greatest cantor of the past generation.

Here is a link of Yossele singing, 'kel male rachamim', sung when a person passes away suplicating the almighty to lift up the soul of the departed to the high heavens. At the time, Yossele sang this for those who perished in the Titanic.This, in solidarity with Rose who just lost her father. May the omnipresent console her together with all those who mourn Tzion and Jerusalem.

On to the cake!

This cake was rich from the melted white chocolate bar and very chocolaty. It looked a bit crumbly, but oh man, when you take a bite it is smooth and delicious. It seemed a bit too rich to have with morning coffee though. More like desert after a steak and wine dinner.

I can't seem to find the link now on Rose's sight to the recipe she posted...

Here is the batter with the white chocolate added. I did have enough white chocolate so I used only 3oz per layer. I also did not have two sticks of butter per layer but used 1 stick of margarine and 1 stick of butter.

'Omi Girl' was with me for moral support.

Here is what it looked like with the top cut off. Seems slightly crumbly but in reality the texture was perfect.

I made a simple vanilla meringue to top it with (recipe from Rose's Heavenly Cakes). After all, I was making this for a birthday party.

Here is what it looked like fresh out of the toaster.

Always a good sign when it looks yummy enough for a child to poke their fingers in... grrr

Two layers:

No, the little car is not on the cake. :)

Ahem, more fingers...

Ooh, look at that pretty sky.

Happy birthday little Lava Lamp!


  1. happy birthday! you know you did well when people can't keep their fingers out of the cake :)

  2. ב''ה

    Thanks! We couldn't keep em' away from it!