Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heavenly Cake - Red Fruit Cake


Here it finally is after a long long wait to find fresh currants. As luck would have it, no one had raspberries in stock like they normally doso I had to use blackberries. Oh well.

While I did this, the 'Ez Man' attempted to make himself useful by 'fixing' the dryer.

le genoise.

Le genoise on drugs. Any questions? 

Okay, okay, this happened when I flipped it over. We are trying to be truthful here. No one could notice after it was completed. 

I actually thought this was a pretty good method for cutting out the middle. Outline a circle then cut it out horizontal strip by strip.

Yum. The cake on its with with the reduced syrup was really delicious. The fruit was pretty good too, although I am not the biggest fruit-cake lover.

Some cinnamon ice cream. Ice cream is a terrific medium to express simple or complex spice combos. This one had no other flavors other than Saigon cinnamon and it was lovely. I have realized that ice is the best when it is fresh from the machine. eat it right away! :)

Some toasting baguettes. Later slathered with butter and used to soak up leftover penne ala vodka sauce from dinner. They were baked the same day as they were made and they were fantastic! 
Ala the 'retardation of retardation'. :)

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  1. you've been busy! i admire your dedication to waiting for fresh red currants.