Monday, June 27, 2011

Heavenly cake - Puddin' Cake


This cake was O.K. but something of a disappointment. The cake had tuff, chewy pieces in it and the flavor was just so so. The toffee was too lemony and, at any rate, I didn't have any more muscavodo.

The dates and beer.

I did process the dates for a good while. I am surprised they still gave tuff texture. I am not sure it was really the dates. Perhaps it was nutmeg pieces from the nutmeg mill I used.

The batter and the dates.

Ready for the toast...

The worst part is that we also found a bug in the cake. Not Kosher!! Needless to say we threw out the cake. Oh, well I must be loosing my touch being so out of practice baking, having moved and all.

My bookshelves are set up. Now for some lighting...

I don't know if it seems worth it to me to make the red fruit cake. The genoise is from another recipe and the fruit, is well, just fruit and does not seem to challenge enough.


  1. oh no a bug!! that would turn me off this cake too. sorry it wasn't a hit around your parts. enough of the cake, let's talk about your amazing book collection!

  2. Sorry to hear you found a bug!!! No fun!

    I didn't like the pudding cake much either. Not a big fan of spiced cakes.

    Like ECL, I want to know about your book collection. Are they mostly cookbooks or all sorts of stuff?

  3. Glad you're settle in the new house and you're baking again! I forgot about this recipe.

  4. Too bad the cake had some unexpected protein in it :o) I really liked this cake so not sure what went wrong. Try again, maybe? I used Medjool dates and they were pretty soft already, and I used ginger ale for the beer (no alcohol for me).

  5. ב''ה

    ECL and Jenn: It's a Biblical reference library. I only have 4-5 cookbooks. :)

    Hanaâ: I'll have to try this again sometime when I am no longer grossed out and have better ingredients. Glad to know that ginger ale works!