Monday, June 6, 2011

Heavenly cake - Chocolate Raspberry Trifle


Better late than never.

A lovely trifle. Very good chocolate and raspberry flavors. Nothing, when compared in taste to the honore trifle though...

Slicing and spreading.
In case you were wondering, no our kitchen is not set up yet...

The chocolate. It would have been better with a higher percentage chocolate.

 The creme englaise turned out a little weak for my taste.

 The genoise seemed to get a good height but them seemed a little dense. Perhaps it was all the chocolate or perhaps it was because I did not use Wondra, as I usually do.

Checking the raspberries for (non-kosher) bugs by soaking them in cold water and dish soap (found two or three...)


Dear old toasty is up and running again.


  1. Mendy, welcome back!!! I also think the St. Honore trifle is so much better.

    Have fun (good luck) putting the kitchen together.

  2. Glad to see toasty in action again!

    I just noticed that you play guitar, and I remember that you spent time in Tucson, so I wondered if you're familiar with Gabriel Ayala. I saw him at a benefit concert last year. He's amazing.

  3. Mendy!!! Great to have you back! Moving is no fun at all. Boxes to unpack and sort and not knowing where anything is. Your trifle looks quite nice. I'm with you, I much prefer the St.Honore which surprised me. I do like Lois' idea of using cherries and turning it into a Black Forrest trifle. Hope Mrs.Mendy and the children are adopting to the new house and neighborhood.

  4. WELCOME BACK!!!!! If it did not read Jenn LCNC post I would have never known you were back in action! And with this undertaking too! WOW

  5. Welcome back Mendy! I can't believe you tackled this trifle when your kitchen isn't even set up yet! Hooray for good ol' toasty.