Monday, November 29, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Lemon Chinese Crown


As in, "The Great Wall" of lady fingers.
(Hat tip to Monica for the ribbon idea to hold it all in place.)

Mis en place: Lady fingers

The circle is O.K. but the lady fingers lost all semblance of shape. I did use a ziplock bag though. I guess I better brush up on making those real scratch piping things from baking sheets...

I present to you, "The Great Wall." It did make it easier to just wrap around the perimeter of the cake.

It does sort of look like a crown, or a baseball glove...

Mis en place: the filling.

The lemon curd took a good 25 minutes for me, not 15.

Fill with the custard. I wonder, is this considered a Charlotte?

I also wonder what the powdered sugar adds to the meringue? I used the blow-torch for the meringue  as my broiler was not going to be able to accomodate the "Great Wall." I did not wait for all the freezing steps and waiting steps in the middle of the recipe. I just made the whole thing and stuck it in the freezer.

Here are some of the better looking ladyfingers. You can see the seepage from when I attempted to take off the spring-form before it was frozen. 

It was really yummy. The ladyfingers and the billowy lemon really balance each other nicely.


  1. "Great Wall"-I love it!!! What character! If you tried to make one of these for a Mary Engelbreit type dessert it could not have turned out more perfectly! To answer your blueberry question, yes they do go well with this lemon filling.

  2. LOL! Mendy, you made me laugh today! You're too funny..i love your comments about the great wall & baseball! It does look quite a bit like..but nonetheless, as long as it is yummy, that's most important isn't it?

  3. Oh My god mendy! I laugh so hard with your step by step comments. I have to come clean, the ribbon was just for decorative purpose and to give it a bit of color, I took the picture when I took it right out of the freezer so it was pretty much frozen solid, it was not going to go anywhere ribbon or no ribbon... but, I guess your great wall needed a bit of help eh?

    At the end, it really does not matter what it looks like, its what it taste like that is the deciding factor, and like you, we love this dessert.

  4. Bless you, Mendy. In the true spirit of brotherly (and sisterly) love, I'll admit that I'm happy that my ladyfingers were not the only ones that were less than perfect.

  5. I LOVE the great wall!! Kudos to you Mendy for still continuing with the recipe. I actually liked it's shape - looks funky! :))

    It taste great - that's what matters.

  6. I have to say, one of the things I love about the people in our baking group, is that we have a great sense of humor, even if something goes wrong :o) I'm glad the cake tasted good. Several people needed more than the prescribed 15 minutes for the lemon curd. I skipped this cake but I hope to return to it some day.

  7. What fun! At one point in a downward shot it looked just like a king's crown. It was so fun that it had to be delish!

  8. ב''ה

    Thanks everyone for liking the "Wall" :)

    It was fun and delicious.

  9. Mendy, I applaud you every week for taking a difficult recipe, making it more difficult, and succeeding every time. The Great Wall is brilliant! Bravo!