Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Lava Cakes


These cakes are all the rage in N.Y. We order them every time we go out (um, that would be our bi-annual date...) On a different note, aren't children wonderful? :)

I believe that says: "I love you because you bake with me." The blue bowl has challah dough in it.

Mis en place.

Preheat your toaster and use the top for your "double boiler."

Whisk in your eggs and such.

"Fold" in the meringue. I am still not sure how you are supposed to "fold" with a whisk. There was only enough batter for 5 ckes. By the second batch, the batter had deflated a bit.

Must... resist... finger... poke... of.. madness... ...

Now that I know how easy these are to make, we can stay home indefinitely. Or, maybe we can just order something else. ;)...

Verdict: Delish! I truly believe that you have to have this al a mode in order to get the full textural juxtaposition of the hot, molten chocolate, firm, chocolate cake and cold, smooth ice-cream.


  1. Of course it says I love you because you bake with me. Don't forget the little heart after that! Kids are so wonderful. I'd frame that piece of art!

    Happy baking with the little ones. Before you know it, they'll all be teenagers like mine - eek!


  2. LOL! I ditto Pat's comments! :) Your molten lava looks wonderful and most important is that you like it.

  3. haha - Love the double boiler instructions! Be sure to let us know what you order for dessert on the next date night.

  4. Mendy, your cakes look divine and I love the toaster/double boiler! Oh, the little discoveries we make in the kitchen :)

  5. I love that picture! You definitely must frame it ASAP. I also like your little dishes. Your lava cakes turned out great.

  6. i love that your eyes are looking in two different directions! that is such a sweet drawing. i'm glad you liked these cakes.

  7. I second the fact of framing that art! I love how the cakes came out.

    I took a pass on these, since I was baking my mom's birthday cake instead - which had no chocolate in sight.

  8. Your cakes look great, glad you enjoyed them. The drawing is adorable.

  9. Love your molten lava cakes and, of course, the wonderful drawing! I loved baking these cute little cakes too and was surprised at how easy they were . . . for once. The pineapple dessert has me still talking to myself.

  10. ב''ה

    Thanks for all your nice comments. Looks like it is a consensus. I'll have to frame the thing. :)

    Vicki: The dishes are porcelain brioche molds from france. I got them at Zabar's.