Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Angel Food Cake, the way it was wanted.


Just a little plain angel food cake to temp you. 

Ripples in a billowing egg white sea.

I learned a good lesson here. Do not attempt to eat angel food cake before it cools down. It tastes terrible!   The texture has not settled completely and it tastes like a wet, soggy mush. I almost threw it out. The next morning it tasted just like regular angel food cake.

In Jewish tradition, the Manna (מן) that G-d sent down to the Israelites in the dessert was food of angels, a physical precursor the to the heavenly law that they would receive and were supposed to internalize. The Manna got completely digested to the point where there was no bodily refuse, just as G-d's law is completely pure and just. ה  לְכוּ, לַחֲמוּ בְלַחֲמִי – משׁלי ט, ה "Come and partake of my bread" - Proverbs 9:5 This was actually a cause of some contention as some people felt that at some point they were simply going to explode! Thinking: "There is no such thing as a person that just takes in but does not give out!"


  1. Your cake turned out perfectly! Love the Jewish tradition lesson.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love it!

  3. I didn't know too that angel food cake takes terrible when it's warm! thanks for letting me know too! :D

  4. Beautiful golden color and the cracks are equally pretty. Mine had the pretty color but no cracks. Still tasted great though.

  5. Lovely cake, Mendy. I liked your comment "ripples in a billowing egg white sea".


  6. The first photo is tempting indeed. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful!

  7. Todah rabah for the lesson on manna, Mendy. I just learned todah rabah today. It's a long story, and it really sounds like I am making this up, but I lost my camera and a rabbi found it and had taken the trouble to look through all the photos on the camera, several of which were of Rose from her event in April 2010 in San Francisco. He even contacted Rose! Other photos were of my husband's nonprofit agency, and he managed to track hubby down. When the two finally connected, my husband said "Todah rabah!"
    What are the odds? If anyone would take several months to find the owner of a lost camera....I guess it's a rabbi.

  8. ב''ה

    Wow, Rachel. Inspiring story. Returning lost objects is indeed great "Mitzvah."

  9. He definitely deserves a homemade treat from my oven. What would recommend as a Todah Rabah gift for a rabbi?

  10. ב''ה

    Unfortunately, the Rabbi probably would not be able to eat your food because of kosher laws:

    The best "Todah Raba" you can give to a Rabbi is a spiritual one.
    If you would tell him you were taking on a new "mitzvah" I am sure he would be more than gratified for all the effort he went through.
    For example, if you are Jewish, you could tell him you are taking on one (or all) of the three main feminine "mitzvahs:"

    Lighting candles Friday night before sundown:

    Taking "challah" when baking bread:

    Keeping the laws of Family purity:

    If you are not Jewish, you could tell him you are looking into/taking on the 7 laws of Noah, given to all the nations:

    ...or another good resolution of your choosing.