Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Chocolate Feather-ish Cookie-Type-Cake with Chocolate Sludge


It tastes better than it looks. :)

Egg whites.

Egg Yolks and chocolate. I only made a half recipe so it was a little bit difficult to mix.

I made this parve. I only had an hour to make this cake and after the cake was ready there was only 10 minutes to sundown on Friday (when the Jewish Sabbath starts and all appliances must be turned off.) I just did not have time to wait for the Rich Whip to defrost properly so I could whip it, even with the time saving option. I mixed it in to the hot chocolate and hoped for the best. It turned into this lovely sludge. :)

However, when I applied it to the cake it started to behave a bit better. I also  over baked the cake by 5 minutes so it was a somewhere between a cookie and a cake. It still had a bit of the "feather bed" type quality so the effect it was supposed to have was not completely lost. I applied some sludge, folded it over, added some more sludge, folded again. Chocolate Shavings? As we say here in Brooklyn, "fugedaboudit!" This would definitely make an awesome passover cake.

In the end, the "sludge" really tasted like ganache. The only thing I would change is to use the 55% chocolate and not the 72% that I ended up using. It was a bit too intense and rich.

My wife's fabulous Potato Kugel. BTW, she is still planning to post something on this blog for my b-day if she can...

The reason I had so little time to make this was that I went into Manhattan to try and find greengage plums and Marion berries. No Luck! Sorry Marie, even in the big city they are hard to find.  I may have to mail order. They did however have 6 different kinds of pluots.. Seeing that fellow HCB Monica seemed to have good luck with these, I decided I would go give it a go. I went with the "Mango Tango Pluots," since they are green. The "Dark Sweet Pluots" were the ones really calling me though. All of them were $3.99 a pound.



  1. Looking forward to the birthday post. I'm glad your sludge tasted like ganache.

  2. I'm sorry your feather bed didn't turn out so feathery! Though I'm glad I'm not the only one who failed this (mine didn't turn out that well either). I made 1/2 recipe as well.
    Your plum cake looks fabulous!

  3. Hahahhhaha!!!! Your cake name made me really laugh! Still, the taste is really what counts. Had too many pretty cakes with zero flavor. Can't wait to hear about the Kugel. Those plums are an elusive lot. Your Pluot torte looks great. I hope you treated your wife to a tango around the kitchen.

  4. I'm also looking forward to the b-day post. Wonder which one you wife will bake for you.

    And I'm glad the plums worked out - I can tell you that my mother and Tom raved about that cake - they are still taking about it... grrrr

    And I'm sorry about the feather bed, but like you said, it was rich, intense even from a chocoholic like me....

  5. Oh Mendy - You totally crack me up. I love the title of your post! You even made sludge sound good!

    I'd love if your wife would post her potato kugel recipe - it looks REALLY good.

    Happy Baking!


  6. I love your post title! I'm glad the cake tasted better than it looked, as you said.

    Pluots are yummmmyy! Your upside down cake looks delicious.

    Did you find marionberries? The season finished up a week ago but the frozen berries are just as good, and well worth the effort to find. My fresh ones went moldy before I could use them, argh!

    Your wife's kugel looks really good and I can't wait to see her post!! Happy birthday!

  7. LOL! Your post made me laugh!! Your wife's potato kugel looks yummy!! Can she post her recipe for all of us? I'm also interested too!

  8. Hey - your chocosludge looks tempting, so much that I may just have to get over my present slump and get me to the kitchen for the feathers. I try every cake to entice my friend out of her 'pumpkin' [sabbath], but she stands fast and I have to wait until Sunday to show off, lol.

  9. ב''ה

    Thanks everyone for your comments and praises. I wish I had more time to comment on all your posts.

    I'll try to convince my wife to post the kugel recipe along with her birthday cake! :)

    Joan: I like the sound of your friend!