Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Bernachon Palets d'Or Gateau


A bit late but here it is.  It is simply wonderful. Rich, creamy, chocolaty; Heaven!

Mis en Place.

Wet ingredients. I added an extra 1/6 cup of water to make sure the cake would not come out dry. I also ground my own superfine sugar since I did not have any on hand. I may have done it a bit to much as it seemed a bit powdery. No harm done though, it seems, with the texture of the cake.

Dry ingredients.

After 36 minutes. The slight rise deflated to a pretty flat cake, thanks to the cake strip.

I used sour cream for the ganache. I melted the chocolate in a pot on top of the toaster while the cake was baking.

I sliced the cake in half to make a layer cake. I opted out of the lacquer glaze since I'm late and wanted to post this sooner than later. Not disappointed at all, lovely, lovely cake Rose. 


  1. Mendy, it's beautiful! I wondered about adding more water and making it into two layers. Well done! I'm going to make this notation in my book.
    Love the gold flakes.

  2. I'm glad this turned out well for you, Mendy. I'll have to try it with a little extra water. Are your gold flecks hearts? It's very pretty.

  3. Inspired. I need to write on my recipe to add more water and stuff it with ganache also. Your cake is definitely better for it.

    Love the hearts.

  4. ב''ה

    @Vicki: Thanks! The ganache in the middle really helps it.

    @Lois: Yes, they are little gold hearts. My little girls thought they were beautiful. :)

    @Nicola: Glad you were inspired. Thanks! Stuff away! :)