Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Baby Lemon Cheesecakes


These were wonderful. I do think that the strong (but delicious!) lemon curd overpowered the lovely and subtle lemon flavor of the cheesecake.

I made a double batch of these for the upcoming Shavuot Holiday (May 19-20.) The Holiday commemorates the giving of the Law, when the 10 commandments were given at Mount Sinai as well as the oral and written tradition were handed down. Realizing that the new laws for slaughtering and preparing meat were complex, everyone just ate dairy instead until they got the hang of it (that's one of the reasons, anyway.) Cheesecake has become a ubiquitous jewish symbol, representing the holiday and the best in Jewish food.

Day 1: The Cake (got a bit burnt on top. No problem, just scrap it off. ;) Yes, you can make a sheet biscuit cake in the toaster! (in two batches)

Day two:

Mis en place:

I used the top from one of my spice bottles (cloves if your curious) to cut out the shapes.

Cream cheese and such.

Smooth and creamy.

Eggs, sour cream etc.

'Miriam's Well.' (a.k.a  -bain-marie) Miriam's Well was a miraculous rock that traveled together with everyone through the desert, providing water. It was there in the merit of Miriam's righteousness. Very appropriate for a holiday when the law was given by three, Moses, Aaron and Miriam.

Looking good. Ready for the freezer.

Day 3: The lemon curd.

They look awful purtee, even without the swirls.

I hope I'll have time for the next heavenly cake with the Holiday and all. I'll do my best. It's on the cover after all. :)


  1. Your cheese-cup-cakes look so yummy! Thanks for explaining Shavuot; any holiday where cheesecake is the traditional dessert is a good one in my book.

  2. Very cute cheesecakes :) Thank you for the info on Shavuot. Very interesting.

  3. Love your lessons Mendy! Cheesecakes look pretty darn good.

  4. Yummy cheesecakes! I didn't know that cheesecakes were part of Jewish tradition! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your toaster oven production continues to amaze me. Biscuit a la toaster oven!

  6. Love Miriam's Well - and your Spice Island's cake cutters. Thanks for your always interesting information.

  7. I thought I commented, but mustn't have.

    I love the story of how cheesecake came to be.

    Did the texture change any once they were defrosted? I am thinking about freezing all but a few to make sure we have some restraint.

  8. ב''ה

    Thank you all for your comments. I think I've changed my mind about the lemon curd. It really is much better with it.

    Nicola: It froze very well. No difference in texture or flavor.

    As to showing some restraint, your on your own. ;)