Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Whoopie Pies


These Whoopie Pies were great and the kids just loved them!

Muscavado Brown sugar etc. My daughter says she is going to save up her allowance to buy some muscavado brown sugar for herself! We use it on its own as a topping for vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate syrup.

Mix mix

Add Chocolate

Dry ingredients

I used our Starbucks coffee scoop.

Made four at a time in the toaster so I could make the buttercream with this. Next time, I'll just make it parve and use marshmallow fluff. A friend of mine suggested cutting in some coconut. Hmmm.

Now for my obtuse buttercream pics.

Sugar, corn syrup etc.

Meringue - the heart of the (buttercream) behemoth.

The general rule I use for Rose's buttercream is to cut the butter down by half. I do not like to taste the butter in my butter cream and would rather have it there to as a behind the scenes enrichment of flavor and texture (the, um, flabby belly of the buttercream perhaps?) This time I used  a bit less than 2/3rds the butter (1 3/4 sticks) and the butter flavor was still too much.

The butter and meringue.

The butter and powdered sugar.

Just saw a book on just Whoopie pies. Pistachio-Cardamom Whoopies. Mmm; now we're talkin'...


  1. Butter as the flabby belly of the buttercream--too funny! It reminds me of how the Ottoman Empire was described to us in high school history as "the weak underbelly of Europe." A phrase I've never forgotten.

    Your daughter is a girl after my on heart! Hooray for the muscovado!

  2. Mendy, your pies looks wonderful! And the fact that your batter is so thick unlike mine so watery..

  3. These I want to make! Looks wonderful..why marshmallow fluff next time? I sure wish I could find muscovado..when we move, I bet I can get it in nearby Vegas.

  4. I like that book! The first and last Whoopie Pie I ever had was a Little Debbies. I'm a believer now. Little girls must be made of muscavado sugar and spice! Will remember that about cutting down the butter. Good tip.

  5. Ok.. I must have skipped a step somewhere.. why is everyone's else's batter think.. mine (like Faithy) was more liquid-y????

    Tell your daughter I will send her my Muscavado sugar pack.. grrrrr

  6. ב''ה

    ECL: The buttercream just seems to take a life of its own sometimes...

    Faithy: So glad to have you back! It was not the same without you.

    Virginia: Making this recipe dairy was a bit of a fuss for me. How would you make the filling parve? Should I start to call you Vegas soon? :)

    Vicki:Indeed, muscavado describes the little girl mystique much more accurately than plain old sugar.

    Monica: The musky muscavado must have smelt your fear in your baking battle.

  7. Pistachio and Cardamom??? Wow!!!!

    Great photos, as usual.

    haha... you daughter's love of the muscavado brown sugar reminds me of one of my kids... total sugar fanatic - he'd eat it at every meal if I would allow it.


  8. Your whoopie pies turned out great! I didn't make these but I like your suggestion of cutting down on the butter when making BC frosting.
    Thanks for the tip on storing brown sugar in the freezer!!

  9. That little girl has very sophisticated taste buds!

    Your cakes look amazing - so much height.

    Hmm, flabby belly of buttercream - you may have something there... but it tastes sooo good. Maybe that has something to do with being the granddaughter of a dairy farmer! Definitely no Parve in that house.