Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Pecan Torte - Passover Cake #2


Mmmm. This cake was wonderful. especially when eaten still warm! Toasted Pecans are just so luscious.

Made some super-fine sugar.

All ready to go!

The "Ez Man" was with me for moral support.

Whip the yolks. I must have under whipped them as I ended up without the full volume.

Fold in the pecans.

I added some espresso made in the percolator.

Whip and add the egg whites.

All ready. It fill up 1/4 of the pan and not 1/2. It rose to about 1/2 the pan after baking. Still looks pretty close to the picture in the book though, I think.

Oh no! It split. Mimi says its in honor of the Splitting of the Sea which happens on the 7th day of Passover.

Perhaps it was because the only cake rack I could find was the (clean) chicken rack. As you can see, some of the cake tried to go through the holes and left its desiccated cake innards on the rack, as described by Rose in her latest video.

Kosher for Passover, fish gelatin.

Whipped the parve cream with the coffee. One of the nice things about using frozen parve cream is that its already nice and cold when you whip it.

Yum! Again, another non-Passover-tasting Passover cake.


  1. Opps on the cracks.. but then that is what frosting (or in this case whipped cream) is for right? To hide all of those unforeseen mistakes that the universe throws at us.

    It looks great..

  2. I love the sound of a percolating coffee pot!
    Your cake looks quite nice with all the lovely whipped cream. Ez Man must be great moral support
    with that cute smile.

  3. I agree--no one should turn up their noses at this Passover cake!

  4. Sorry to see that your cake cracked. It is probably the rack, as you said. Great step by step pictures.

  5. Great write up, Mendy. I love the shots of your little helpers. A little whipped cream and no one would know about the "parting" of your cake! :)

  6. nicely done! i love all the step by step photos.

  7. Your cake looks very moist!! Sorry to see it cracked. Any idea why?

  8. ב''ה

    Thank you everyone! I also made the Jansci Torta (to post at some later date...) and just simply flipped it over on a baking sheet instead of a rack. Perhaps it did not air out perfectly but it worked. :)