Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Whipped Cream (Cup) Cake(s)


Ok, so one of them came out looking like the elephant-man, nu. It still tasted good. It seems as if they had some kind of volcanic reaction. I blame global warming.

Ruthi got quite excited about these:

I forgot to put in the sugar until these were already in the pan. I had to scoop it all out again and remix with the sugar. In the end these were not too sweet anyways. I thought this would go really well with a chocolate frosting (which I did not have time to make...)


  1. Cute cupcakes! Kids loved this cake recipe. Adults too but I thought it was interesting how much children liked it.

  2. Love the elephant cupcake! The most prized of all I would think.

    Good to see how they cook up in cupcakes, I think I will reduce the leavening if I cook them.

    Love Ruthi's look of glee with her cupcake!

  3. Good catch with the sugar! Glad to know they came out all right anyway. Ruthi is adorable!

  4. Good to know that a cupcake version of this cake works too. Your daughter's a cutie :o)