Sunday, January 24, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Chocolate Tweed Angel Food Cake


Mis en Place:

A whole lot of egg whites!

After Mixing, Almost to the top!

Fold in the flour and Chocolate and spread some on sides of pan etc.

Hang upside down...

Get the whipped cream ready. I had to use parve cream as the pan would not fit in my toaster.

It was beautiful...

Decapitate thrice.

Spread on the whipped cream. As you can see I also spread some around the middle vacancy.

Shayna had a great time throwing on the mini-chips. :)

Final thoughts? This cake would have been wonderful on its own without the whipped cream. The whipped cream seemed a bit heavy in contrast with the angel food. However, maybe that's just the parve cream talking...


  1. Mendy, your cake looks great! :) I love your bottle..i can't find that huge a bottle that can fit the neck of my pan! I only use a small bottle..that's why it toppled!

  2. Looks great Mendy and Shayna's 100 watt smile is even better!

  3. So how many chips missed the cake and ended up in little Shayna's mouth?


  4. Gorgeous cake. Love the photo of Shayna's joy at the choc chip throwing!

    A shame you didn't have loads of egg whites hanging around to use up - that is a lot of egg cracking. Amazing the difference before and after of the egg whites. I wish I had taken a similar photo...

  5. Beautiful cake, Mendy--the cake by itself is so tall and pretty, and the whipped cream and chocolate chip decoration adds even more.

  6. ב''ה

    Thank you all!

    ButterYum: There did seem to be a few chocolate-chips missing... :)

  7. Beautiful cake! Glad you all enjoyed every bit of it: making it, artistically decorating it, and eating it :o)

  8. ב''ה

    Hanaâ: Yes, I uh, had my cake and ate it too... ;)